Student information

San Diego Unified School District puts together an honor band every year.  The honor band audition music is used to assess chair placement in January for the Golden Regiment. Auditions and rehearsals have been at Serra for the last few years.

Director: Brad M. Pulverenti

Color Guard Caption Head: Melissa Barton    

Percussion Caption Head: Ashton Hargrove

Visual Caption Head: C. J. Miguel    

Drill Designer: Gary Backlund

2017 - 2018 Serra High School Band Program Leadership Roster 

Director: Brad M. Pulverenti 

Drum Major/Student Director: Harper Estus  Assistant: Michael Caraway 

Assistant: Kelly Hatfield 

Color Guard  Captain: Madison Napurano  Lieutenant: Gabriela Esparza 

Percussion  Captain (Section leader):

Alexis Rouza

Lieutenant (Assistant Section Leader): Mackenzie Peterson 
Winds  Captain: Rachel Schwall 

Lieutenant: David Rendon-Chavez 

Flutes  Section Leader: Emily Chasin 

Clarinets  Section Leader: Rachel Schwall  Assistant Section Leader: Jose Orozco  Saxophones  Section Leader: Edwin Loera  Trumpets  Section Leader: Aiden Schoel  Assistant Section Leader: Tera Walstrom  Horns/Mellophones  Section Leader:

Sarah Jacobson 

Low Winds  Section Leader:

David Rendon-Chavez

Honor Band