Concert Season Attire

The attire/dress code for Winter and Spring School Concerts and Judged Festival Concerts is described below.  Please contact the band director directly for questions regarding concert attire. The boosters have some tuxedos and dresses for loan during concerts and festivals.

 1. GENTLEMEN- Solid black tuxedos (notch collar is preferred) with a black cummerbund (no vests) and black bow tie.  A solid black suit can also be worn without a cummberbund.  White shirt with a pleated front.  The boys may wear their marching shoes and black socks.  No jeans or shorts and no athletic or casual shoes. 

 2. LADIES -   Solid black dresses in a modest style.  If the dress is backless, sleeveless or has a low-cut front, use a sweater, dress jacket, or shrug.  The dress should conform with Serra High School's progressive dress code.  Shoes should be black flats or heels less than 2" high.  Do not wear heels if you are not used to them.  No athletic or casual shoes.  ALTERNATIVES TO A DRESS--Girls may also choose to wear a black skirt and black blouse; full legged black gauchos with a black blouse; or a full tuxedo.  No leggings, jeans or shorts.

​*Cell Phones are not allowed on stage.

SHOW UNIFORM 2018-2019

1. Blue Jeans

2. Plain White T-Shirt

3. Marching Shoes


1. Blue Jeans

2. Gold Polo

3. Black Socks

4. Dark Athletic Shoes


1. Black Leggings

2. Gold Polo

3. Dark Athletic Shoes

The school supplies the uniform, but students need to supply some personal items as follows:  

1.  Shoes:  Each new band member (rookies) will need a pair of marching shoes for their personal use.  Sizing will be done during band camp.  New shoes are now $30.00 with our band group discount.  Used shoes are available in limited sizes.  Veterans get first chance to exchange for used shoes. 

2.  White Shirt:  The shirt needs to be a button front cotton dress shirt.  The shirt must button at the neck and have pointed collars.  No polo shirts or t-shirts.  Drumline wears a white t-shirt under the gold shirt.  A limited supply of white shirts are available on an as needed basis.

3.  Black Socks:  Socks need to be solid black, and cover the calf.  No sport socks or anklets.  Men's nylon dress socks seem to be the best since they do not fade; cotton and wool socks tend to fade to a grayish-black.  The boosters will not have loaner socks!

Marching Uniforms

For the most up to date uniform and concert attire, go to the SHS Music Department Website